Occasionally I write something more complex than I am capable of... Therefore...

Talking to herself, she never listens
Looking at herself, she never sees
Thinking of herself but never understanding
And captured in the thrall of the world she wants it all

She is always dressing for a situation
Standing like a picture in a book
She is hoping she will sleep in fortune's bedroom
And as a matter of course, to be taken there by force

I know you, I've seen you a thousand times
Your type, Your type is never hard to find
I loved you so, oh but don't you know


That love is such a poor revenge
Love is such a poor revenge

Moonlight on your skin, it is concealing
The slow advance of time upon your face
So it goes and so no one can tell you
There is more to life than this, there is something that you missed

The glitter of gold, it has no feeling
The warmth within the wine, is growing cold
It's terrible and true but you don't see it
He is with another and she is so much younger

'Vanity' is track no. 7 of 13 on Visible's 2007 album 'The Sacred and The Profane'

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