I Am Alive

I was teetering on the edge of a 12 story building a few years ago when I said, "Huh?" and then immediately went and wrote this as you hear it.

I can't speak for the black man
I can't speak for the Chinese
And I can't speak for women
And no one speaks for me

A black man saved my ass in prison
China's made me think
And a woman gave my body being
Now all I do is drink

Who am I?

Tell me what I'm living for
Is there something coming after?
Have I been through this before?
Let me go
Let my spirit be at peace
Give me one taste of love before I cease

I am alive
And I am dreaming I'm alive
I am alive
And I am dreaming I'm alive
I've done the best I can
I have felt the wings of angels
But I don't know who I am

I've loved a lot of people
I have tried with all my might
Oh may Jesus please be real
When I check out of here tonight

Is this some kind of prison
Will I ever be released
They say God is always watching
Does he ever notice me?


If it comes let it come quickly
Clouds of mercy bring the rain
May the darkness die forever
May I be with you again

May the sacrifice be golden
May the lamb be fully crowned
And may God forgive all evil
When I finally...
When I finally hit the ground


May there be a silver lining
Horses can't escape the sea
Oh the waves crash on the shoreline
But they never will be free

I can see their white manes billow
As they thunder on the shore
I will love you forever
I can say... nothing more


'I Am Alive' is track no. 8 of 12 on
Visible's 2007 album
'Almost A Capella'

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